Matthijs as a software developer

The development craze started with building small but (at the time) challenging applications in GWBasic and Qbasic. Tons of personal homepages followed, working my way up to websites for small businesses with a self-made content management system framework. During and after my bachelor's degree I worked as a webdeveloper for a Dutch music magazine. A few years later I was working on enterprise applications in the telecommunications industry to eventually start a career as a scrum master.

For a bit more detail see LinkedIn.

Personal projects

Over time there have been plenty of personal projects, varying in complexity. Below are some I have worked on.

Matthijs' scrum master knowledge base

A mini search engine in order to keep the best articles regarding agile practices at hand. Curated by yours truly, available for the world to see.

Matthijs' scrum master knowledge base

Matthijs' Github

End of 2018 I started a small open-sourced PHP package to keep up-to-date with software development. More packages will follow.

Matthijs' Github

Loving Promos

Loving Promos offers convenient, time efficient and user-friendly services to help record labels achieve their maximum potential. A technically challenging project with combining music & IT.

This project ran from 2014 to October 2018.

Some of the technology I've used over time (buzzword bingo)

PHP, Laravel, Composer, Git, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Angular 1, Sass, LESS, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Soap, Json, XML, OOP, MVC, Slicing, Responsive, CentOs, Debian, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CMS, ORM, Wordpress (don't ask), PHPunit, Mockery, Python, Golem, Selenium, Vagrant, React, Docker, C#, Kibana, Elastic.